The Best Baby Gift Ideas

The Best Baby Gift Ideas

When those precious bundles are on their way, everyone is trying to think of the best baby gift ideas. Many want to come up with ideas that others won’t think of, while some like to give practical gifts that will be of use. Some opt for gifts that help parents preserve all the memories they are about to experience.

Nappy Cakes

For the ultimate in practical baby gift ideas, nappies take the cake. Which brings us to the ever-popular shower gift of a nappy cake. These hit the mark in both presentation and practicality. Nappies are expensive, and there is nothing worse for new parents than running out of them at an inopportune moment. Nappy cakes will save the parents money and keep their little ones comfortable and dry.

Bank Account

We all know that no matter how much time or effort we put into our baby gifts, few things will help the baby more in the long run than setting aside funds that can grow while the child grows. This is a popular idea for grandparents who like to give small gifts for birthdays and Christmas and make a monetary contribution to a bank account that the baby will appreciate and benefit from when they are older.

Baby Memory Book

Baby memory books are traditional baby gifts that help the parents preserve those important memories and milestones for posterity. Not only do these books have places for holding photographs, but also pages dedicated to writing in important details like the baby’s weight, hair color, length, etc. Baby memory books are treasured by the parents and the child when they are older and can look back on how far they have come.

Baby Hampers

Baby hampers are as fun to make as they are to receive. Hampers are fabulous for giving large amounts of smaller items. A baby hamper could include all those important little baby items parents can’t live without: diaper cream, diaper pins, receiving blankets, pacifiers, sleepers, nail clippers, thermometers, little hats and mitts, and so much more. Hampers are great gifts to give for those who love shopping and thrive on finding those perfect little items to show how much you care.


For those who want to make a big gift-splash, few things are more practical and appreciated than a stroller. Especially in climates with snow, one with shocks is always recommended for ease of travel. Parents who can enjoy walks with their little one in all types of weather will never forget the person who gifted them their stroller.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors make fabulous gift ideas, especially the video monitors that can help parents rest easy at night. Being able to see as well as hear the baby is always a plus, especially for anxious first-time parents.

Baby Blanket

Often, it is the baby blanket that ends up being that one special item the baby nestles up with to go to sleep throughout the years. This is something that can be passed down to them when they are older to pass down to their children and so on.

Picture Frame Through the Years

Picture frames with multiple photo slots to capture the baby as they grow are ideal, especially ones with the age written underneath. The parents and child will be able to marvel at how time has changed their little one from babe to child, teen to adult.

Baby Swing

Those who have had children know what a gift it is to have a place the baby likes to sit, and most often, the mighty baby swing becomes that special place for many a crying baby. Not only will this gift bring the baby comfort, but also the parents those brief moments of peace and relief so necessary in life with newborns.