A Brief Intro To Residential Painter Services

A Brief Intro To Residential Painter Services

While searching for expert painters for your exterior or interior painting project, you would invariably come across two major types of painting services: residential painting and commercial painting. Residential painting is essentially another terminology for house painting. A professional house painter is an expert at painting the exterior and interior of single-family houses. If you have hired a residential painting service, you could rest assured of a painting team working hard to enhance your home in terms of its structure and aesthetics. These house painters are not just effective at transforming the feel and look of your house, but they could cater to your unique requirements too.


Professional residential painters provide the following exterior and interior painting services that could improve your house’s appearance.

Wall Painting

Wall painting is an easy and quick way to fully transform the look of each room in your home. It is invariably the most inexpensive way to update and remodel your house. The paint colour choices are almost unlimited, and the paints could either have a satin or flat finish, based on the sheen you prefer. Several houseowners, who have houses with bigger wall areas, go with modern taupe hues or choose to accent specific areas of the wall with dark hues.

Ceiling Painting

With time, the white colour of your house’s ceiling starts to look yellowish. This yellowing could be due to house moisture, sunlight, smoke, candles, cooking oils, etc. Since this change happens gradually, you are less likely to notice this. When you paint your ceiling, the entire space becomes instantly whiter and brighter. Ceiling painting might seem easier than wall painting, but it’s not. For starters, reaching the ceiling is a task as you would need ladders. Also, there is good amount of neck twisting and arching involved since the area to be painted is directly above the head. Professional painters are most likely to paint the ceiling even and not injure themselves in the process.

Trim Painting

Your house’s wall trim requires a touch up at regular intervals. Trim painting helps make your dated, dark, and old wood trim spots look fresh and clean. The paint job also lends a level of durability so that the trim areas hold up against cleaning materials, sweepers, pets and kids. Window, cabinet, and door trims could be painted any hue you prefer.

Drywall Repair

Prior to painting the interior, minor drywall damages (if any) must be repaired. Repairing cracks, holes and dents in your walls would offer a finished appearance to your house and ensure the paint lasts longer and looks better. Paint would resist chipping, staying smooth on the walls repaired. Kindly note, a residential painter would do more than just temporarily fixing your damaged walls.

Aluminum Painting

If your house is relatively old (built during or before the 1950s), it should have aluminium siding. If so, you would require aluminium painting. Aluminium siding is typically the external protective shell of your house. Aluminium was used back in the day because it was lightweight. However, the drawback to this is aluminium easily oxidises. With the metal surface breaking down due to sunlight exposure, the colours start to fade. The good news is aluminium siding can be painted any colour with correct prep work.

Other Services

Besides the aforementioned, residential painters offer quite a few other services, which includes caulking and sealing, cedar staining and painting, stucco painting, and wood trim painting.