Best Beauty Treatments

Which Types of Beauty Treatments are Best?

The effort to look young and attractive might seem like something that only adults have to experience, but in reality there are just as many children and teenagers that can benefit from particular beauty treatments, too. Where adult skin and hair will often be far more mature – and as a result better able to withstand the effects of many modern treatments – an adolescent’s skin and hair might not be able to boast the same advantages.

But this doesn’t rule them out when it comes to receiving a professional therapy from a skilled practitioner. Here are a few particular treatments that people of all ages can take advantage of.

Eyebrow waxing, plucking and shaping

Our eyebrows are there to help to keep dirt and debris out of our eyes – but there’s no denying that a well-plucked set can look very appealing. This type of treatment is very simple and requires no chemicals whatsoever, making it safe for all skin types. The natural wax is heated and then applied to the outside of the eyebrow, before being pulled away in one swift motion. Tweezers and thread are used for plucking which might sound a little painful, but when performed by an expert the shock is fairly minimal.

Manicures and pedicures

From an early age, our fingernails and toenails will grow and grow without limit. Many people prefer to clip their own nails – but there’s nothing quite as effective as a manicure (for hands) and a pedicure (for feet). These therapies are very straight forward and depending on the therapist treating you, you might receive a hand massage to loosen arteries and muscles, before receiving a world-class false-nail fitting or varnishing session.

Temporary hair colourings

Permanent hair dyes are often rich in ammonia and hydrogen peroxide; both of which can cause damage to hair follicles in younger people. There are temporary solutions however, and these are much gentler on hair. Most treatments take less than an hour or two and the results can last for a week; or depending on the type of dye used – the colour can be washed out later that day. These treatments are perfect for proms, celebrations, or special events in general.

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