Bagged Infiniti G37S

Bagged Infiniti G37S

In the past couple of months I have been collaborating with Forge Wheels and in this past week the wheels that were customised by the owner, Loz from had been delivered and were ready for the very quick studio shots.

Along with getting studio shots of the wheels, a location shoot was organised with the wheels on the car. I can say, I have been looking forward to shooting Loz’s Infiniti G37 for a long time, now with Forge wheels being the icing on the cake.

Tuesday came along quickly and we were up bright and early to get that nice light. We were also shooting in a location that had the potential to get quiet busy, so we wanted to get in and get out without a fuss.

I had been talking to Ty, the owner at Forge Wheels about this different style I though would suit the car perfectly. A few confusing conversations later, the photos have turned out amazing!

I also took a couple of quick photos with my phone to show a little bit of behind the scenes.

All in all, I had a great time shooting Loz’s car. The photos came out amazing and I’m looking forward to the next car that Forge Wheels take part in creating.

If you’re looking at getting some custom wheels for your car check. Also, want to get some images of your car? Send through an email.